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Online Seijaku Class

Seven Saturdays from March 12 through April 30

10 am–12 Pacific time (no class on April 9)

With Seijaku Teacher Trainer, Pam Towne, in your home via Zoom


This class is designed for you to:

Learn or review advanced T’ai Chi Chih /Seijaku

Deepen & soften your practice of TCC

Advance your practice to the next level

Increase the flow of Chi

Receive advanced benefits


Regular Price: $300 ($250 for seniors)

Early Registration Price: $225 if paid by February 15

Review Price: $125 if you’ve taken my class before

Space is limited and filled on “first-come, first-served”

For more information, call or text Pam Towne at 760- 421-7589 or email her.

Pay via PayPal using: [email protected]


What is Seijaku? And is it for you?

by Pam Towne, Seijaku Teacher Trainer


Seijaku is a Japanese word that means “stillness (or serenity) in the midst of activity.” It is a term Justin Stone used to describe that quality of inner serenity in the midst of busy daily life that is cultivated by our practice of T’ai Chi Chih®. It is also the name he gave to the advanced form of TCC when he first taught Seijaku in 1986. In this evolutionary practice, one additional principle is added internally as we do the T’ai Chi Chih movements, which greatly steps up the flow of Chi.

We know that the benefits of practicing TCC come from circulating and balancing the Chi. Since Seijaku greatly increases the flow of Chi, it naturally accelerates the resulting health, creativity, and spiritual benefits we receive. It also cultivates increased intuition, heightened awareness, creativity, and JOY thru Movement!

One of the valuable benefits of learning Seijaku is that it improves our TCC practice. It certainly deepens our experience of softness as well as our ability to flow from the center and focus in the soles of the feet.

Seijaku practice has some other interesting side effects/benefits, such as making it easier to adapt to change and the increasing pace of life today. It focuses the mind, developing one-pointed concentration so we are more productive and find it easier to meditate (including quieting the mind while doing the moving meditation of TCC).

If you want to deepen and soften your TCC practice, Seijaku is a natural next step. It’s best to have practiced TCC for at least a year and be experiencing a strong flow of Chi before advancing to Seijaku. You’ll want to work with an accredited Seijaku teacher so you can ask questions and receive feedback. You can supplement your learning with the originator’s (Justin Stone) Seijaku DVD.

You may be surprised at how easily Seijaku can be inter-woven into your daily TCC practice to give you an accelerated flow of Chi and enhanced benefits. Enjoy!


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