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The Vital Force, the official journal of T’ai Chi Chih®, belongs to and is a reflection of the worldwide T’ai Chi Chih community. Distributed in February, May, August and November, it’s for anyone wanting to know more about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits gleaned from regular practice. Each 24-page issue features articles by TCC originator Justin Stone and practitioners sharing personal experiences.

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Vital Force Sample

Justin Stone Memorial Issue, May 2012

The 44-page remembrance issue celebrates the life, work and contributions of T’ai Chi Chih originator Justin Stone. It’s packed with inspiring quotations excerpted from all his books and audio and video recordings; rarely published historical photographs from throughout his life; and heartfelt testimonials from many of his oldest and dearest students.

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The Vital Force Journal

the Justin Stone “Remembrance” issue (digital copy)

The Vital Force Journal

the Justin Stone “Remembrance” issue (physical copy)

Vital Force Sample

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