T’ai Chi Chih®, Joy Thru Movement is spreading rapidly around the world, and there is a great need for new teachers. It is a tremendous responsibility to teach the T’ai Chi Chih movements, and our teaching community holds very high standards for those wishing to become teachers. Those interested in teaching must first work with another accredited teacher to receive proper preparation. If this teacher decides a student is ready to attend an accreditation, a referral will be made. At that point, a second referral by a second teacher will also be required.

Only those who have received two referrals are eligible to attend an accreditation course. This course is mandatory before one can begin teaching the T’ai Chi Chih movements.

Course Description

Accreditation courses are offered throughout North America where there is sufficient interest. There are usually three to six courses offered annually, and the size of each is kept small (8 – 16 students) to provide significant personal attention. Many accredited teachers also audit the course to receive further instruction and provide assistance to course attendees.

The primary purpose of an accreditation course is to prepare teacher candidates to teach the movements with sincerity and integrity. The course provides candidates with the opportunity to refine their TCC movements and includes helpful techniques for finding teaching locations, setting up courses, giving presentations and teaching the movements to new students.

The first two days of the course are devoted to reviewing the proper way to do the movements and correcting minor flaws. It is very important that candidates come prepared. If they are uncertain about how move correctly, they will be unable to focus on learning how to teach the movements properly, and the value received by all attendees will be diminished.

The accreditation process is not a mere formality, and teaching TCC is not something to be taken lightly. An accreditation to teach TCC must be earned, and attendance does not necessarily guarantee accreditation.

Cost & Duration

T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Accreditation courses are six days long and typically run Monday through Friday (9 – 5) and Saturday (9 – noon). The course fee is $525, and does not include travel, meals or lodging. Many courses are offered in retreat settings that provide attendees with meals and lodging for a reasonable price.


All students who wish to attend a TCC teacher accreditation course must first be referred by two accredited teachers. This helps guarantee that students who attend are properly prepared, and allows all course participants to explore the depths of the TCC discipline during the accreditation process. Students who are interested must:

  • Read the Teacher Candidate Preparation Guidelines and use them to refine their T’ai Chi Chih movements.
  • Contact an accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher for movement review. This process may last for months, or years, depending on the maturity and ability of the student.
  • Not everyone is meant to become an accredited TCC instructor. Only if the teachers decide a student is capable and ready to proceed will a referral be made for the student.
  • Only those who have received a referral from two accredited TCC teachers are eligible to register and attend an accreditation course. Referrals remain valid for six months from the date of the second teacher’s signature. Download this Teacher Accreditation Referral Form.
  • Once the referral is received, the student contacts the course host to make arrangements. Accreditation courses are listed on the back page of The Vital Force and the Calendar of Events here. Most accredited TCC teachers (and many students) subscribe to The Vital Force.

Final Comments

Candidates who come to learn, are properly prepared and are willing to work openly with the teacher accreditation course instructor and auditing teachers will gain the most from the experience. It is essential to be well prepared, especially when it comes to doing TCC movements properly.

The emphasis during the accreditation course is to help candidates become successful TCC teachers. When candidates are properly prepared they can enjoy themselves and the accreditation process to the fullest extent. Some students shared with Justin that their T’ai Chi Chih teacher accreditation was the most joyous week of their lives. This is why so many TCC teachers return to audit teacher training courses.

Many TCC teachers look back on their accreditation course as a significant time of personal transformation. It is often the point where they really began to understand and embody the principles of T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement.

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