The Spiritual Path, as articulated through writings by originator Justin Stone

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TCC Practice: Grounding by Focusing on Soles of our Feet

"T'ai Chi Chih goes much deeper than merely helping us to be healthy." In this transcription of a taped lecture, excerpted and published in the August 2017 issue of the TCC quarterly journal, The Vital Force, TCC originator Justin F. Stone explains the benefits of grounding during TCC practice by keeping one's concentration in the soles of the feet. Q: Why is [...]

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Ultimate Truth

Teachers and students are constantly asking me to write a book on ‘Ultimate Truth’. If I did so, they would resent the very ‘truth’ they asked for, as it would threaten the ground of their previous concepts. And “ultimate truth” is of no value in everyday life. Take the following example: “Nature has no interest in the individual. It oversees the evolution [...]

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Benefits of Circulating and Balancing Chi

Want to get rid of bad habits? That takes a spiritual approach, says TCC originator Justin F. Stone. Practicing TCC helps balance the Chi and that helps change the ways we think and behave. The Physical and the Spiritual in T'ai Chi Chih By Justin F. Stone Fall 1987 © The Vital Force Most people who come for T'ai Chi Chih lessons [...]

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Best Reason To Practice TCC

People who practice T’ai Chi Chih regularly often report feeling more joyful, experiencing considerable health benefits, and more. How does this happen? Justin F. Stone, originator of TCC, explains here how balancing and circulating the Chi, or Vital Force, brings about such change. The Best Reason To Practice By Justin F. Stone Karma is an important and frequently used word, so it [...]

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10 Ways to Know TCC Practice is Working

 “…if lives are enhanced, that is enough and no more has to be said.” – Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator  [T’ai Chi Chih] is not meditation, though it seems to bring the serenity of the most successful meditation – a serenity that teachers often notice in the faces of their students near the end of classes. Indeed some students who come to [...]

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The Physical and the Spiritual in T’ai Chi Chih

Most people who come for T”ai Chi Chih lessons do it for physical reasons, either because of ailments or because they feel it will help them in the areas of energy, hypertension, etc. Thus, they think of TCC practice as a form of therapy, which it undoubtedly is. However, they may later find that they have derived much deeper– Spiritual–benefits, which they [...]

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