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“T‘ai Chi Chih® has changed my life,” say many people who practice TCC regularly. In fact, it is one of the most common statements of gratitude TCC originator Justin Stone has heard from students over many years. Improvements in physical, emotional, and mental health are enjoyed by students of all ages – children, teens, young adults, mid-lifers and seniors. The benefits are often quickly apparent to newcomers, as well as cumulative for those who have practiced TCC for years and decades.

Quotations below are from students and teachers, provided here as inspiration and an invitation. This information is not intended to replace any medical treatment by, or perspectives from, your own health care provider.

Peace Is One of the Most-Often Cited Benefits of Practicing TCC

“As soon as we began the first stance, I really put my mind in “focus mode” and I definitely felt the Chi. Wow. When I left class I felt extremely relaxed and completely stress free. It was as if someone completely wiped my slate clean.” – TCC student, Prospect Park, PA

“I’ve loved doing TCC. I came into college very stressed out and this course gave me a place to be calm.” – TCC student, Prospect Park, PA

“I‘ve been noticing some of the effects of TCC: My overall stress level has definitely decreased and my body feels rejuvenated even more than last week.” – TCC student, Prospect Park, PA

“My children students tell me that TCC practice makes them happy and that it takes away their fears.” – Judy Hendricks, TCC teacher, Albuquerque, NM (Reprinted with permission from Blooming the Flower: T’ai Chi Chih Experiences, Vol. II)

“TCC tills the soil so that I can allow writings, experiences, and conversation to take root and show me a softer way to move through life.” – Connie Hyde, TCC teacher (Reprinted with permission from Blooming the Spirit: The Spiritual Dimension of T’ai Chi Chih)

Unless otherwise indicated, all quotations are printed with permission from The Vital Force, the quarterly journal of T’ai Chi Chih. The Blooming the Flower series and Blooming the Spirit are published by the T’ai Chi Chih Association, Albuquerque, NM.

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