Justin Stone’s

Spiritual Odyssey

Selected Writing 1985-1997

T’ai Chi Chih® consists of 19 movements and one pose, in this order:

  • Rocking Motion
  • Bird Flaps Its Wings
  • Around the Platter
  • Around the Platter Variation
  • Bass Drum
  • Daughter on the Mountaintop
  • Daughter in the Valley
  • Carry the Ball to the Side
  • Push Pull
  • Pulling in the Energy
  • Pulling Taffy
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #1,  Anchor
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #2, Wrist Circles
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #3, Perpetual Motion
  • Working the Pulley
  • Light at the Top of the Head / Light at the Temple
  • Joyous Breath
  • Passing Clouds
  • Six Healing Sounds (and the corresponding organ): HO (heart), HU (spleen), SZU (liver), HSU (lungs), HSI (3 heaters: below the navel, in the abdomen & between the eyes) CHUI (kidneys)
  • Cosmic Consciousness Pose

Justin Stone demonstrates Working the Pulley. See more video demonstrations and instruction by Justin Stone on YouTube.

Justin Stone’s

T’ai Chi Chih

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