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Deepening Our T’ai Chi Chih Practice

Led by Pam Towne, TCC Teacher Trainer

RELAX and retreat from everyday activities in the safety and comfort of your own home.

REFINE your movements, deepen your T’ai Chi Chih practice, experience a greater flow of Chi and more Joy thru Movement!

RENEW your body, mind and spirit while connecting with others of like mind.

This retreat is for students, teacher candidates and teachers of T’ai Chi Chih to deepen your understanding and experience of this essentially spiritual form of moving meditation. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn first-hand from Pam and the attending teachers.

Teacher candidates will receive individual feedback from Pam.

Due to health and safety concerns from the corona virus, we will not be gathering at Mt. Calvary in Santa Barbara. Instead, this will be a live online retreat using the Zoom technology platform. You do not even need a Zoom account. You will receive an emailed link to click to join the morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera and microphone. The bigger the screen, the easier it will be for you to see. Having a connection between your device and a large screen TV or monitor is ideal.

Register now to reserve your space!

The Retreat begins on Tuesday with check-in at 4:45 pm Pacific time, TCC practice at 5:00 and a welcome meeting at 7:00. We will have a TCC Workshop in the morning and afternoon to refine our movements, with a full TCC practice before dinner each day and an optional practice before breakfast.  There will be free time after lunch and short evening meetings. The retreat  concludes at noon on Friday.

Meals are on your own. It is recommended that you plan meals in advance and either have them already prepared or simple to put together quickly. You will have the option of eating with a small group in a Zoom Breakout Room to get to know people better, just as you would sit and eat with others in person on a retreat.

REGISTRATION FORM: Download a registration form here.

Other questions? Email Pam or call her at 760-421-7589.