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— Students want we have to offer; these pages are promoted on Saturdays on Facebook and about 300 students click through every weekend! Help them find you. *Within one week of creating a listing Gloria’s ‘call to action’ for people to contact her for a class on Boulder Creek yielded two students. Websites work, as she said :-)

Even if you aren’t teaching, let’s showcase the breath, depth and uniqueness of our teaching community. Why?

— Because when about 250 profiles (of the 750 teachers who indicated they wanted to be on the site) are complete, Kim will promote TCC to her journalist colleagues who write for major publications. We need to look “real” and like a worthy/substantial movement.

— These pages help us stay connected through COVID-19 isolation. They are akin to “TheFacebook,” when it launched way back in 2004.

— Consider supporting the website so others may learn about TCC. (This aspect of the site was pricey to develop.)

— Students need current contact information. The last time the online list was thoroughly updated, it took about 100 hours and resulted in about half the teachers being removed because they could not be found, had died, were no longer teaching or did not want to be on the site. **If you’ve created a profile, look for a friend who has not claimed their page and please contact them. This site belongs to everyone.

— You never know what will happen when you do a page. Marc K claimed his page to support the site and then said, “This has made me want to start teaching again.”

— Sandy and Pam reminded me that we used to charge teachers $5 or $10/year to have contact information on the website. Hopefully $10 or $40 for your own promotional page seems like a great value each year.

PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY so that if something goes awry Kim can know how/where to help you more easily and/or tweak these instructions.

This is best done on a laptop/desktop rather than a phone/tablet.

The creation of your personal page need only take about 10 minutes, not including the time to find a photo and write a bio.

The more teacher listings we have the easier it will be to promote regional and Zoom TCC classes — and to promote TCC to media/journalists. The breadth and depth of our teaching community is lovely.

**If this seems daunting, email Kim ([email protected]) with your photo/s, bio and class info — and call her (617-901-9628) with your credit card for the $10 or $40 or $80 annual payment (see below for choices). It will literally take her 5-10 minutes to create your page.

1.) On taichichih.org click “Create your Teacher Account” under “TEACHER LOGIN.”

**If you do not get a confirmation email from Kim within 30 seconds please text or call (617-901-9628) or email ([email protected]).

2.) Once logged in with that username and password at taichichih.org, you’ll be at the homepage.

Start typing your name in the LEFT HAND search box.

Let names autofill in case of discrepancies in a middle initial or something similar.

Choose your own name. Click RETURN or the little magnifying glass on the right.

(Please call or email Kim ff your name does not appear. That means you have fallen off the master database for some reason.)

3.) When your page loads (i.e. the URL will be taichichih.org/teacher/yourfirstname-yourlastname), scroll to the bottom. Under “Claim Your Listing” click “IS THIS YOU?”

4.) Fill in the four fields and choose your annual plan ($40, $10 or $80).

*PS – the query are you a teacher is a trick question. The answer is yes :-)

Choose SINGLE listing if you teach at one place or one town — or if you just want to update your contact info. See https://taichichih.org/teacher/caroline-guilott/

Choose SINGLE if you teach multiple classes in one town but want all your offerings on one page. See https://taichichih.org/teacher/lisa-stroyan

Choose UNLIMITED if you are able to support the website with a little extra contribution or … if you teach at multiple locations or in different towns. See https://taichichih.org/teacher/lisa-otero/ whose teaches many classes in two different towns and also teaches remotely, so she wants to be found when someone searches for either of her towns and when she wants to promote a specific class. (Click on OTHER LOCATIONS to see her different classes.)

Choose ORGANIZATIONAL if you are, for instance, similar to the Northern Colorado association or … if you want to be a website GOLD supporter, to help others who want to be on the site but are financially challenged, for instance.

*By the way, 100% of these ‘claiming’ fees are applied to the developer’s site setup fees. Excess funds, to the extent they become available, will be applied to site maintenance and to the promotion of these pages.

5.) Hit SEND and you’ll see a success message with a “CLICK HERE” link. This will take you through the CHECKOUT process to fill in BILLING DETAILS.

After payment, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and will get a confirmation email with your payment.

**FROM HERE, DO NOT CLICK EDIT** (which edits info behind the scenes that is not used anywhere). GO TO STEP #6 ==>
6.) Go to your teacher listing, i.e. taichichih.org/teacher/firstname-last name

7.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “EDIT” button. Fill in whatever info you want about yourself.

— Biography: as it relates to TCC (about 125 words or so, but there is no limit). Perhaps say what motivates you as a teacher, why you started practicing, what special populations you might teach, your favorite movement and why… that kind of thing. It’s basically a mini presentation. This is the place to market yourself and tell your part of the world (in essence) why it needs you teaching TCC to them.

Include the type of class (on-going, drop-in, weekend, series of 8, etc), time/day/duration of the class, its cost, level of student for whom it’s appropriate, etc. Basically, put up a virtual class flyer.

Want to link to other teachers or outside website pages? See simple instructions below.***

Not teaching right now? That’s ok. A general bio without class specifics is great!

**Just want to update your email and phone? Jump to those fields and SUBMIT LISTING at bottom.

— Teaching: Help students find you more easily. **Also as soon as we get about 250 teacher listing profiles (approximately one-third of teachers who indicated they wanted a public listing last time we thoroughly checked the list six years ago), we can pitch to media/journalists!!

Click the check box ‘Zoom (with link)’  if you teach online and if students may request the class link. You will then appear on the Zoom page.

Check the box ‘Featuring‘ to appear with all your colleagues who’ve claimed their listings — only when you have uploaded a photo and biographical information. You will then appear on the featuring page.

***Kim promotes these three pages on Facebook and hundreds of students click through to these listings!!

— Teaching Specialties: Click the boxes of whatever populations might apply.

— Signatory teacher(s) and accreditation date(s) have been pre-populated. Email Kim if they need to be changed.

Change/fix Phone and email as needed.

Add Images or a series of photos: photos with a landscape orientation (i.e. horizontal) work infinitely better! I don’t recommend more than 2 or 3 photos; one great one is better than 3 medium ones. People just won’t look at that many.

Add Videos of yourself doing TCC if you have one (or more) —if they are already on YouTube. (If your video is not on YouTube, email it to me.)

Add a Website if you have one; please add https://taichichih.org/ if you don’t.

Add a Facebook group if you have one, but please add https://www.facebook.com/taichichih if you don’t.

Add Twitter (please add https://twitter.com/taichichih as I am returning to the effort of trying to attract the interest of journalists again)

— Add Instagram (please add https://www.instagram.com/taichichih if you don’t have your own Instagram account to promote; again, to attract journalists and others to the practice.)

Add Location Details: where you teach.

Click yes for Multiple Locations if you have purchased the $40 package.

Click yes or no if you offer Zoom/Facebook live classes.

Ignore “Lock fields for other locations” and “Expire Date.”

8.) Click SUBMIT LISTING. Then click “HERE” in the blue line/message to see your changes and listing.

Note your personal URL (i.e. https://taichichih.org/teacher/firstname-lastname/)

Yippee!!! Email Kim so she can share it!

To return to your listing and edit it:

  • Go to https://taichichih.org/login/
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Type in your listing URL (i.e. taichichih.org/teacher/yourfirstname-yourlastname)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click EDIT.
  • When you are finished making changes, click SUBMIT to SAVE.

To add an additional $10 location or teacher listing (aka ‘new location’):

  • Make sure you are logged in (via the upper right red TEACHER LOGIN button of https://taichichih.org/).
  • Type in your listing URL (i.e. taichichih.org/teacher/yourfirstname-yourlastname)
  • Scroll down and click “+NEW LOCATION”
  • Fill in the required fields for your additional listing.
  • Click SUBMIT LISTING at the bottom.
  • Proceed to checkout to pay for your additional listing if you originally chose the $10 option. (If you had originally chosen the $40 option, you do not have to pay for additional listings.) If you eventually want a $40 unlimited account: purchase three more listings as needed @ $10 each and then email Kim who will upgrade your account behind the scenes to Unlimited.

***To link to other teachers or outside webpages:

1.) Highlight the phrase you want to link. (e.g. Tina Wells below)

2.) Click the insert/edit link icon.

3.) Paste in the URL for what you want your phrase to link to. (e.g. https://taichichih.org/teacher/tina-wells/)

4.) Click the link options cog wheel.

5.) Click the box that says open link in a new tab. Click blue UPDATE button.

Don’t forget to click the blue UPDATE button to save your main listing.

Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon to promote your TCC classes and/or to take charge of your own contact information.

Please contact Kim at 617-901-9628 or [email protected] with questions or to share your masterpiece!

**If you’d like to make a one-time or recurring donation to support the website, we’d be grateful. Please visit here.

Revised 8 August 2020

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