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A Week of Saturday Nights – Meditation and T’ai Chi Chih Retreat with Amy Tyksinski.

When Justin Stone was alive, every Saturday night a group of us met at Justin’s home. We meditated, chanted the Heart Sutra and The Four Great Vows or the Gayatri Mantra, went out to dinner at a local Buffet (having less to do with the quality of the food, but selected because of the kindness and high character of the wait staff or owners), and then returned to Justin’s house for Tesho, or a “spiritual talk.” During Tesho, we read from different spiritual books and Justin offered his commentary, never allowing fixation on one particular “truth,” always encouraging us to find out and know for ourselves and to trust our own experience.

A Week of Saturday Nights is a retreat for accredited T’ai Chi Chih teachers who are interested in deepening into the practices Justin taught: T’ai Chi Chih, different Meditation practices, chanting, and Pyramid Poetry. In her 13 years of meditating and being with Justin, Amy Tyksinski also took copious notes on Justin’s commentaries each Saturday night. Thus, Justin’s Saturday Night insights will serve as an additional anchor throughout our time together. Through grounded embodiment and spacious exploration, this retreat offers an opportunity to enter and play together in the cosmic rhythm in which Justin has invited us to swim, a Home-going of sorts, into the Self. The retreat will include periods of silence as well as time for interaction and sharing.

About Amy Tyksinski

“What beckons to me in this moment now through my T’ai Chi Chih practice as we, the chi and I, commune with one another?” is a question Amy Tyksinski often asks herself in the quiet early morning as she starts her day. Teaching T’ai Chi Chih (whose name means “Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate” or “Knowledge of the Way of Energy”) since 1995 to people of all ages, Amy takes great delight in inviting students to find what calls to them personally through this joyous moving meditation. The passion to delve further into the “Ultimate” is what drew Amy to move to Albuquerque in 2000 specifically to meditate and study with Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih.

What a humbling and amazing gift. In her heart of hearts, Amy seeks always to share the wordless essence of what she learned from Justin and what she feels all humans have access to through the wondrous practices he shared so generously with his students.

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