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T’ai Chi Chih® Teacher Training Course Information

Requirements: Go to  accreditation. Great care has been taken to specifically outline the expectations of teacher candidates. Both candidates and their teachers need to be familiar with the information contained in the Overview and “Guidelines” sections. The “Teacher Candidate Referral Form / Guidelines” have been revised and are available here and from the course host.

Registration: Page Two of this document contains the Registration and Payment Form. Print out the form, make sure it is complete and mail it along with your deposit or full payment, to the Course Host.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available up to a maximum of $275 per teacher candidate and for teachers auditing all 5 full days of a Teacher Training course. These are granted on financial need basis. The Scholarship Application Form must be returned with the Event Registration Form at least 30 days prior to the course.

Signature Referral by Two Accredited TCC Instructors Is Required: The TCC Teacher Candidate Referral Form can be printed from the website above, or obtained from the Course Host. When the two instructors with whom you are preparing for accreditation are confident you are ready to attend an accreditation course, they will SIGN your referral form. Send the ORIGINAL signed form to the Course Trainer. Send a COPY of the signed form to the Course Host.

This form does not need to be sent WITH the registration form – it can be sent in later. However, your registration/reservation in the course is not confirmed until the Course Host receives your signed referral form.

ACCREDITATION IS NOT GUARANTEED by the receipt of the referral form or by your attendance at the course. Candidates are kept apprised of their evaluation throughout the course of the week. The accreditation certificate is awarded at the end of the course at the sole discretion of the course Trainer.

Download information and a registration form here.