Remembering TCC Founder Justin Stone

When Justin Stone, originator of the moving meditation practice T”ai Chi Chih, died in 2012, hundreds of people who knew and had learned from him came together as communities on Facebook and this blog to share remembrances. To learn more about Justin, TCC and its benefits, just read a few of the comments, posted below. Gratitude, inspiration , love and dedication flow freely. The following are some of the 165 Justin remembrances posted in 2012.

“My fondest and most profound memory of Justin was one morning after breakfast at his last meditation retreat in Albuquerque when we were the only two people left sitting at the table. The night before, Justin had asked me to share with the group of some 40 people gathered for his meditation teachings the reason why had left the formal ministry in the “Church”. That morning, when we stood up to leave, Justin put his hand on my shoulder, and told me that now it would be time for me to find something else to believe in….and he said, “what that something is, is yourself”. Thank you, Justin for new-found confidence and for helping to re-formulate a new a fulfilling life.”

“The T’ai Chi Chih community will miss Justin very much. There will be many more teachers and students who will continue to practise and teach this life enhancing, loving meditation now and in the future. We owe great thanks to this very special man. Special thoughts are with those closest to him…lots of love to you Justin.”

“Thank you for the gift of T’s Chi Chih. My life is greater because of your gifts.”

“Thank you, Justin. Your chi is still in the universe, and we will continue to share you and T’ai Chi Chih with all we meet. What love!”

““The essence of T’ai Chi Chih is softness and continuity.” — Justin Stone. The core of my life has been soften by continued mastering the gentle movements of the inner discipline called “T’ai Chi Chih: Joy Thru Movement.” Your legacy to humankind will be passed on by the crowning “jewels of T’ai Chi Chih – its teachers. Thank you, Justin. With deep respect.”

“I never planned to be a teacher, but the Universe provides us a path if we chose to follow. After learning and practicing T’ai Chi Chih I began wanting to be of service to others by sharing the peace and joy through movement I have found when doing T’ai Chi Chih. When I went to Teacher Training and met Justin I was moved and inspired by his desire that T’ai Chi Chih not become a business, that it a gift to humanity. I honor this wish through my volunteer teaching of T’ai Chi Chih, and I am thankful we have been blessed to have had Justin as our Guide and Leader for so many years. May we all continue to honor his gift to humanity through our practices of T’ai Chi Chih.”

“My discovery of T’ai Chi Chih came in answer to a prayer to be of service. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to carry on a part of Justin’s legacy, the class inside Folsom Prison. His visit there is still remembered fondly, and the class has helped the men beyond measure. So here, I convey their immense gratitude as well as my own. Thank you Justin, for helping to heal humanity.”

“I experience a long list of health and personal benefits. T’ai Chi Chih brightens me, my family and those I touch each day. Many thanks to Justin and the teachers of T’ai Chi Chih.”

“T’ai Chi Chih practice feels like the truth of who we are. It’s a gift that keeps on teaching and giving, and so the gratitude continues.”

“Justin, the man will be missed. TCC will continue to change the lives of all who practice it regularly. I can’t imagine a day without a practice. To be able to align oneself with the harmony of the universe is a gift beyond gratitude. My heart expands to meet you.”

“Having broken my foot a week ago, i have been struggling with patience, self-pity etc. Today, Wednesday, March 28, feeling very stiff all over and in a very low space, I could hear Justin’s voice say, “practice when you want and practice when you don’t want “. I had no choice but to pull up a chair and bingo! Felt the old familiar release of tension and clarity just as I usually do when in standing position. It had been some time since my last practice and I felt like a huge weight had lifted from my body. To hear of his passing today after this experience validates the power of my ‘connectedness’ with him as well as with the greater TCC community. There is no separation in true love. Justin and i had never met in the physical but yet his hand-written note acknowledging my teacher accreditation and his wisdom will sustain me, as well as his gift of T’ai Chi Chih. I tingle all over when I read the quote, which I heard inwardly before the news. My condolences to all those who worked and supported Justin these last few years.”

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