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News Reports of TCC’s Effectiveness Spread Globally

Reports of the results of the recent UCLA study showing that TCC helps relieve insomnia among breast cancer survivors have made news headlines around the world. A sample of articles is provided below. To read even more news reports of TCC's effectiveness, go to the In The News page of the TCC website. 5/10/17 “T’ai Chih Chih Compared With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [...]

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Academic Research Confirms TCC Health Benefits

T'ai Chi Chih practitioners often describe the immense health benefits the receive from TCC. Read some of their stories here. Objective academic research confirms health benefits, too. A sample of studies and links are provided below; the full list can be viewed here.  To find a TCC teacher in your local area, visit the teacher directory on our website here. 2013 10/24/13 [...]

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Happiness Is an Inside Job

Cultivating an inner peace prepares us to respond wisely and compassionately in the world while maintaining our center and balance. Bliss often is a product of such a practice, and is not dependent on external circumstances. Years of academic research as well as students' and teachers' experiences show us that T'ai Chi Chih effectively improves our well-being on so many levels. Below [...]

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Have you seen TCC’s TED Talk?

A T'ai Chi Chih teacher in Albuquerque, NM teaches this moving meditation to high school students. In a TEDx talk, she and students explain the benefits students experience that help make their academic lives more successful and less stressful. View the talk here. Several academic studies over many years have found that practicing TCC helps lessen stress, relieve depression, improve the body's immunity to illness, [...]

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TCC, Mindfulness and Health

Another day, another news report about the benefits of mindfulness. The evidence supporting the health benefits of T'ai Chi Chih and similar practices literally grows by the week. And it's no wonder why - TCC practitioners worldwide have experienced these results. The practice of "mindfulness," another word for meditation, shows in study after medical study to be effective in relieving depression, anxiety, [...]

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TCC Can Help Prevent Heart Disease, Medical Research Shows

Scientific research shows that practicing T’ai Chi Chih can significantly calm part of the nervous system that contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease. In this article from The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, researchers explain their study results addressing the sympathetic nervous system. This system, part of the larger autonomic nervous system, aids in the control of most of [...]

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Remembering TCC Founder Justin Stone

When Justin Stone, originator of the moving meditation practice T”ai Chi Chih, died in 2012, hundreds of people who knew and had learned from him came together as communities on Facebook and this blog to share remembrances. To learn more about Justin, TCC and its benefits, just read a few of the comments, posted below. Gratitude, inspiration , love and dedication flow [...]

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