Teacher Resources

Press kit materials provided by Kim Grant. Feel free to use the press releases verbatim (after inserting your own contact info and story). Click on the following links to open the related MS Word documents.

A.) Materials to Include in the Press Kit (.doc)

B.) Sample Press Release for a New Class (.doc)

C.) Sample Press Release for an Event (.doc)

D.) “Backgrounder” (.doc)

E.) Getting Coverage (.doc)

F.) Talking Points (.doc)

G.) Pitching the Story (.doc)

Replacement accreditation certificates are available from Pam Towne for $10.00.

See these conference pages for information on:

2017Continuity: expansion & contraction, taffies, energy, feeling the Chi, grounding, hip swivel, seated TCC, forward and back weight shift, sharing the Chi video and the brain on TCC video

2016: Getting TCC taught in colleges and prisons, growing your local community using Facebook, ongoing classes, community updates, and more

2013: TCC Accreditation framework, working with habit energies, Prajna, Tools for teaching, TEDx and joyful feet

2012: TCC and technology, protecting your body from injury during TCC practice and helping students with home practice