T’ai Chi Chih is a mindfulness-moving meditation practice that’s easy to learn. The series of 19 movements and one pose helps circulate the Vital Energy, the Chi. Practitioners experience peace, improved health, and many more benefits. Our free monthly e-newsletter offers inspiration between issues of the TCC quarterly journal, The Vital Force, in which teachers and students tell stories about ways they’ve benefited from the practice. 

“’The results will be amazing.’” – Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator

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From the recent issue of The Vital Force:

Connection: “Little by little, students and teachers open themselves to an encounter with Chi that is flowing. By paying attention to it while still being in the feet, there will be a connection to our own self. Along the way, we get in touch with the impalpable by letting it show itself in our own practice. But we have to be ready. We learn to cultivate it and we start to know that we are this Chi flowing in our own body, vibrating inside.” CG, Lake Charles, LA

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Editor’s Note: Learn more from TCC teachers with more than 25 years of experience in the August issue of The Vital Force.

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Compassion: “This Chi is free and can be shared. People who do this practice together remember the experience and we form lifelong bonds with one another. A practice can balance physical energy and can change emotional energy as well. My teaching brings me to settings where the practice is much needed, where souls are lost or forgotten. I see the power of this practice, this Chi, in such places, and have experienced it in my own life.” GM, Sacramento, CA

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Fortitude: “Two years ago, I had a total knee replacement after being diagnosed with severe Stage 4 deterioration several years before. The ‘motion is lotion’ movements of TCC allowed me to postpone my surgery. After the surgery, my physical therapist couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered, primarily due to the strength in my legs from TCC. I realize every nuance Justin offered has a physical purpose in addition to the balancing of the Chi.” –– PW, Melbourne, FL

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Freedom: Remember what we think and feel influences the Chi, but the Chi also influences what we think and feel. We are no longer solely creatures of habit as the free-flowing Chi seems to break our bonds. TCC appears to be the easiest and perhaps the best way to erase the seeds of Karma. Isn’t this the direction in which freedom lies? Justin F. Stone

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