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T’ai Chi Chih is a mindfulness-moving meditation practice that’s easy to learn. The series of 19 movements and one pose helps circulate the Vital Energy, the Chi. Practitioners experience peace, improved health, and many more benefits. Our free monthly e-newsletter offers inspiration between issues of the TCC quarterly journal, The Vital Force, in which teachers and students tell stories about ways they’ve benefited from the practice. 

“’We are the product of Chi.’” – Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator

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From the recent issue of The Vital Force:

Secrets: “Justin Stone reminds us that ‘great secrets lie in the space between breaths’ (in his book, Heightened Awareness). As I brought more attention to those ‘time catches’ in my practice, I made an additional discovery. Those pauses led to moments during my weight shift when all the elements of TCC aligned in a sweet harmony of balance, almost palpable. The light sustained flow, the directness of focus, the polarity and circularity, the shaping of existing energy, the graceful glide that leads to graceful grounding … they were present in a hushed stillness, a secret now revealed. The gentle finger fluttering also became a much more deeply felt sensation.” SC, Ridley Park, PA

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Editor’s Note: Learn more from TCC teachers with more than 25 years of experience in the August issue of The Vital Force.

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Harmony: “I love doing TCC. There’s a peace, serenity, and harmony to it that fills a void in me. My spirit feels nurtured. On occasion, I do feel tremendous energy, tingling, and the works. Although I don’t feel the energy all the time, I do gain completeness and harmony every time, balance, and centeredness. This is my energy. All I have learned is respected and done with great awareness.” SP, student of DM, Wildwood, IL

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Joy: “I’ve been teaching in a very special center for people who suffer from dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other mental or psychological challenges. It took a while to teach the forms, and we did about 10 movements and the pose. It fills my heart with joy each session to see how people perform the movements and the joy it brings them. They can express the benefits of calmness and peace it brings.” – IDA, Hadera, Israel

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Safety: My friend over here wants to know if TCC is a martial art. The answer is emphatically no! In the sense that we do not use it for self-defense or any violent activity. In a deeper sense, however, the aura of Chi you build around you is the greatest self-defense, a psychic self-defense that can become apparent in your life once the Chi is flowing smoothly. Justin F. Stone

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