T’ai Chi Chih is a mindfulness moving meditation practice that’s easy to learn. The series of 19 movements and one pose helps circulate the Vital Energy, the Chi. Practitioners experience peace, improved health and many more benefits. Our free monthly e-newsletter offers inspiration between issues of the TCC quarterly journal, The Vital Force, in which teachers and students tell stories about ways they’ve benefited from the practice. 

Look in the mirror. What do you see in the face? Be honest. – Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator

From a recent issue of The Vital Force:

“TCC brings me so much joy as a teacher. It’s the feeling when people show up for class, when they take time to nurture themselves, when they let go a little more. The vision of everyone in class moving softly as one; when I can pass on nuances of the practice; when a student wants a teacher and I’m allowed (honored) to be on that journey with them…. I find joy every single day in my practice. It’s when I’m called back, back to my body, back to the present moment, back home.” – KM, Broomall, PA

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“My first TCC conference left me with feelings of joy and tranquility, and most of all with a grateful heart. The interactions, connections, stories, wisdom and kindnesses that fellow teachers showed were the best benefits of attending. Each person I spoke with left me with a gem or insight to take home. My favorite parts were the silent group practices held twice daily. The energy was palpable and the room filled with serenity in the midst of our activity.” TI, Trevor, WI on June 2019 annual TCC teacher’s conference

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What a week full of Chi! I feel so grateful for the TCC community, who are filled with open hearts and minds. Kindness flowed throughout the whole experience. On Day 5 I had a profound awareness of my hands, a sense of all they had touched and felt, an invitation to open to more energy, more Chi, more love. I’ve come home with a desire to continue opening, open up to new ideas and new ways of being in the world.” – MB, on June 2019 TCC teacher accreditation course

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The world is a reflection of ourselves. What we see without is an accurate measure of what we are within. If there is serenity inside, the outside world seems friendly. When we go to a strange place with our hands outstretched and open, willing to offer whatever we have to give, the reception is warm, we make friends, and life is joyous.  – Justin F. Stone, from his book, Climb the Joyous Mountain

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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