T’ai Chi Chih is a mindfulness-moving meditation practice that’s easy to learn. The series of 19 movements and one pose helps circulate the Vital Energy, the Chi. Practitioners experience peace, improved health, and many more benefits. Our free monthly e-newsletter offers inspiration between issues of the TCC quarterly journal, The Vital Force, in which teachers and students tell stories about ways they’ve benefited from the practice. 

“Is there anything you lack?’” – Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator

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From the February issue of The Vital Force:

Laughing: “For the first several years of teaching TCC, I was embarrassed to admit a mistake I said or a move I might have done wrong. Instead, I’d make an excuse about why that happened. I finally realized I was not only letting my class down, I was also letting myself down. That’s when I started to laugh. What a relief to own up to a mistake and correct it. My challenge was to find the grace and style to stand amid mistakes and shine brightly, be grounded, and lovingly correct myself. After all, Justin believed in me to teach TCC with integrity, honor and conviction — to be authentic and true.” – LR, Missoula, MT 

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in the February issue of The Vital Force.

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Welcoming: “Acknowledging beginners for trying something new helps them leave with a sense of accomplishment and connection. There’s no need to get TCC right or understand it right away. One teacher puts them at ease by saying, ‘Just do something that looks kind of like what I’m doing.” Another jokes in all seriousness that ‘the hardest part about this class will be learning how to relax.” – LS, Fort Collins, CO

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Growing: “Over time, the benefits (of TCC practice) grew. I became more aware of the energy flow within my body. I was becoming a more thoughtful person. I approached each day with an attitude of gratitude. I found myself in a comfortable community of learners who helped me expand my thinking. Physical pains and soreness lessened. I now carve out time for quiet, peaceful meditation. My connection with all, globally and universally, has become more apparent.” – TCC student of DM, Wildwood, IL

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Sharing: “Being aware is sentience. Plants probably have it in a muted form; in rocks it is mostly latent. Yet the hills are vibrant with life and the trees seem to sing the Glory of Creation. In truth there is nothing that is not alive, pointing to One Life and One Essence…. As we attain a heightened awareness, perhaps the music of the spheres will be heard, and the earth will be felt to turn gently on its axis…. What a glorious outlook we may share!” – Justin F. Stone

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