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Teacher Training with Sandy McAllister

October 28-November 3, 2024
Franciscan Retreat Center
7740 Deer Hill Grove
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
Host: Marie Dotts



Requirements: Go to the accreditation and guidelines tabs. Great care has been taken to specifically outline the expectations of teacher candidates. Both candidates and their teachers need to be familiar with the information contained in the “Accreditation” and “Guidelines” sections.


Signature Referral by two Accredited TCC Instructors is required: When the two instructors with whom you are preparing for accreditation are confident that you are ready to attend in October 2024, they will SIGN your Referral Form (printed from www.taichichih.org or obtained from the Course Host). The ORIGINAL signed form is to be sent to the Course Trainer, Sandy McAlister (24835 Second St., Hayward, CA 94541). A COPY is to be sent to the Course Host, Marie Dotts (652 23rd St. SW, Loveland, CO 80537). This need not be sent with the registration form. It can be sent in later but your reservation in the course is not guaranteed until the Course Host receives it.


Accreditation is not Guaranteed by the receipt of the referral form nor by your attendance at the course. Candidates are kept apprised of their evaluation throughout the course of the week. The accreditation certificate is awarded at the end of the course at the sole discretion of the course Trainer.


Course Registration and Referral Forms: Accreditation week is limited to a maximum of 15 candidates. If you plan to attend, it is wise to send in your deposit and registration form as early as possible. The registration and referral forms are due no later than at least 30 days before the accreditation course. Should you later learn that you will NOT be receiving your two accredited TCC Teacher signatures, as one or both teachers feel you are not yet ready, your registration will be void and your deposit refunded in full.


Course Schedule: The course will begin on Monday at 7 pm and end on Sunday at noon. Plan to arrive between 3 pm and 5:30 pm on Monday. Dinner will be served at 6 pm. Sandy will give a more detailed schedule for the week on Monday evening. There will be morning, afternoon, and some evening sessions. You MUST be able to attend all sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening) to be accredited. Lunch is NOT provided on Friday.


Course Fee: $1,460 (single room) and $1,255 (double room). This includes room, meals, and course tuition of $650. The deposit is $475 with the final balance due September 28, 2024.


If Flying: You may fly into either the Denver International Airport or the Colorado Springs Airport. The Denver International Airport will probably have cheaper flights. Contact the host for transportation information from the airport to the Center.


Partial Scholarships are available. These are granted on a financial need basis. The Scholarship Application Form must be returned at least 30 days before the course. To receive a Scholarship Application form, contact the Course Host.


Download the registration form here.




The following information is needed on the registration form:
Name ____________________________________
Email ____________________________________
Address ___________________________________
City ______________________________________
State _______________ Zip ___________________
Phone ____________________________________
Year of Accreditation __________________________
Emergency Contact/Phone ______________________


Will you have teacher candidates in attendance?
Yes ____ No ____ Number ______


On the registration form, please indicate which nights and meals you plan on between Monday and Sunday.


If choosing a double room add your roommate’s name or indicate that you would like to be matched with a roommate.


Please indicate your choice of meal options (regular, gluten-free, or vegetarian which could include fish, dairy, or eggs).


PRICE: If staying the whole time, the total cost is $786 (Single Room) or $581 (Double Room). If planning on only attending for part of the time, calculate your cost on the registation form.


Mail the completed registration form with a check to the Host. If you prefer paying with Venmo contact Marie.


Marie Dotts
652 23rd St. SW
Loveland, CO 80537Questions: Contact Marie Dotts at [email protected] or 970-412-9955