Shift Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By AL, Prospect Park, PA

Justin has said that if we do T’ai Chi Chih regularly, we will begin to enter into the Cosmic Rhythm. In fact we are all already in the Cosmic Rhythm, however practicing TCC consistently enables us to be consciously aware of being in the Rhythm. It’s been said that when a person becomes one with that Rhythm, things flow smoothly.

How do we become one with the Cosmic Rhythm? Simply by letting go (i.e. of tension, of effort and of resistance to what is).  This also requires letting go of the attachment to the outcome of plans, letting go of logical and rational thoughts, and trusting in prajna.* Let go of figuring-it-out and embrace feeling-it-out, which requires an aware presence, moment to moment.

Interestingly, we do this with every mindful TCC practice. When we are not practicing carelessly, we are feeling, in the moment, moment to moment.

I’ve always believed that the practice of TCC is analogous to the practice of life. Mindful TCC practices are preparing us to live life mindfully and in accord with the Cosmic Rhythm. While the tan t’ien knows the truth of this, the ego has other thoughts on the subject.

This year new TCC opportunities beyond my comfort zone have come to me. I was invited (by a student preparing for accreditation) to teach 20 hours worth of TCC over a weekend to a disciplined group of 17 meditators. Gulp. My student was the only one with any TCC experience. I also had the opportunity to facilitate a full day program on TCC and Heightened Awareness (a book by TCC originator Justin F. Stone) at a local spiritual center. Within the group, individual experiences of TCC ranged from brand new students to accredited teachers.

The tan t’ien (center) was thrilled with these prospects but my head was saying, ‘Who me?’ I knew in my gut that both opportunities felt right, however, the ego was quick to point out several things about which to worry. Witness the conversation:

Ego: You’ve never taught anything beyond a typical class, much less teaching 20 hours over a weekend. You’ve never done a full day program before and certainly not on heightened awareness. And now you’ve agreed to teach both? Are you friggin’ kidding me?

Prajna: Thank you for sharing; it’ll be fine.

Ego: Why not just stay with what you know (e.g., eight- to ten-week classes, ongoing hour-long classes at the Y, teaching your college students about the importance of grounding, hosting TCC events)?

Prajna: Thanks again for sharing; we’re doing this.

Ego: How the heck do I convey heightened awareness to people? What will I say? What will we do? Twenty hours of TCC? I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Prajna: Now hear this: You (and everyone else) are being guided; just listen. Ground yourself; trust the process and breathe.

Ego: Sigh. Gulp. Be-Here-Now. Be-Here-Now. Be-Here-Now.

So I ventured into unknown waters in facilitating both of these TCC events with some mental trepidation. My tan t’ien ironically was very reassuring, especially during the actual programs. I had the humbling experience of feeling prajna guiding me – in the moment – to say and do certain things. I actually felt comforted in the silences and, unbelievably to the ego, found myself simply waiting, listening and feeling for prajna to guide the direction of each TCC group in both class experiences.

Prajna knew what to do, and my job was to listen, trust it and follow it humbly as its servant.

What is your relationship to the Cosmic Rhythm? Are you flowing with it or swimming against the current in resistance? Prajna can expertly guide you if you allow it to and you most assuredly will feel the flow (although the ego doesn’t believe this). Have you been thinking of trying something outside of your TCC comfort zone? Have you been invited to try something new? Since TCC is a service to humanity, wouldn’t it be nice to shift beyond your comfort zone and see where the Cosmic Rhythm takes you?

* Editor’s note: Prajna is a Sanskrit word Justin often used, meaning inherent wisdom.

Reprinted with permission from the February 2016 issue of the TCC journal, The Vital Force.

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